Emmett Till Freedom Trail Marker Vandalized Again

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Emmett Till Freedom Trail Marker Vandalized Again

In May, someone scratched the marker with a blunt tool, according to Allan Hammons, whose public relations firm created the marker. The kidnapping and lynching of 14-year-old Till after he was accused of whistling at a White woman in 1955 and helped spur the civil rights movement.

Unveiled in 2011, The AP reported, the sign is part of the Mississippi Freedom Trail, a route that includes historical landmarks highlighting the state's African American history. And then, over the weekend, someone had peeled off the back of the marker, which contained vital photos and information about the infamous 1955 case.

Bryant recently admitted that she made up evidence during the trial and the attackers, her husband Roy Bryant and his brother J.W. Milam, later admitted to the killing.

Hammons said it is unknown if the vandalism was racially motivated or just a random crime.

In October, a MS historical marker for Emmett Till was riddled with bullet holes in a savage act of vandalism. "Vandals have been around since the beginning of time".

"KKK" was scrawled on an Emmett Till Memorial Highway sign in 2006.

Mamie Till Mobley weeps at her son's funeral on September 6, 1955, in Chicago.

Another sign, marking the spot where Till's body was pulled from a nearby river, was pockmarked with gunfire in 2016. The pictures, combined with the acquittal of the two defendants, helped spark the USA civil rights movement. He took a photo of the marker and posted the image on social media, where it quickly went viral.

Till's death was a pivotal moment in the rise of the civil rights movement.

IN 2008, Carolyn Bryant, now Carolyn Donham, revealed to Duke University scholar Timothy B. Tyson that she falsely testified against Till. Specifically, she told Tyson, "the part about Till grabbing her and being sexually crude to her 'was not true, ' " The Washington Post has reported. But students from St. Louis tried to fix the sign by adding their own drawings and writings about Till, reports The Clarion-Ledger.

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