Gorilla break dances in pool at Dallas Zoo

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Dallas Zoo was delighted to see its simian star go viral, bringing a little Friday joy to the web.

Apparently, this isn't Zola's first time on the dance floor. It appears that behind-the-scenes is quite entertaining to the 14-year-old Western lowland gorilla.

"The zoo uploaded the video on YouTube and wrote: ".there's a lot more to this behaviour than you may think. Flaunting her unbelievable "pique" ballet moves, the gorilla from Dallas Zoo can be seen twirling and splashing water in a big blue tub.

Internet: meet Zola, your new favorite gorilla on the internet!

Zola is one of several gorillas at the Texas zoo.

But dancing is not exactly in the gorilla's blood. "This is the type of play you would see from children". Like all great dancers, Zola is a purist-moving to the rhythm in his head.

"I wanted to add that touch to the video for some fun and had no intentions of having it spread". It has nearly 4 million views. Zola was moved to the Dallas Zoo in 2013, his keepers said.

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