Bernie Sanders criticizes the Democratic brand

After Democrat Jon Ossoff lost the Georgia special House election, a lot of the party's lawmakers confessed that they're anxious about the party's future. Look, I speak as the longest serving independent in American congressional history. "That's why so many people are giving up on politics".

Sanders said no other president in the history of the United States has told so many blatant and outrageous lies as President Trump has done to delegitimize the USA electoral system.

"The brand is just bad", Ryan told CNN. In the OH lawmaker's view, the issue was the party and not the candidate.

While Sanders noted that Democratic candidates had performed better in the 2017 special elections than they had in previous races, he warned that the party would need to adopt a new approach in order to retake the House in the 2018 midterms.

Sanders, who was the runner-up for the Democratic nomination in last year's presidential election made his harsh remarks of the Trump administration in a speech he delivered Thursday morning in which he discussed the threat of authoritarianism in the #United States and other countries around the world. "It kind of leads you to the conclusion that there is only one person in America who can tell us the truth, and that is the president of the United States", he said.

Since everyone already knows Democrats are for all of those things, it stands to reason that his real problem with the Democrats has something to do with whatever it is that, say, Nancy Pelosi represents to the white voters Sanders covets. To be more specific, Mr. Sanders was referring to a progressive agenda and, of course, rebuilding the party in the states they have ignored for decades.

Following Ossoff's loss in Georgia, several Democratic lawmakers and operatives have been vocally criticizing their party leadership and messaging.

I'ma let you finish, Bernie, but first, have you lost your damn mind?

"The national brand is toxic", Ryan concluded.

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