USA releases photos of close encounter with Russian jet over Baltic Sea

GETTY•WIKIPEDIARussia has been warned over its dangerous interception

GETTY•WIKIPEDIARussia has been warned over its dangerous interception

Also on Monday, a Russian fighter conducted an "unsafe" intercept of a U.S. reconnaissance plane over the Baltic Sea, the USA military said Tuesday.

A North Atlantic Treaty Organisation military plane on Wednesday approached the plane of Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu above the Baltic Sea, Russian news agencies reported, the third such encounter in three days.

The U.S. military has described the incident as unsafe due to the "the high rate of closure speed and poor control of the aircraft during the intercept".

Russian media reported that Sergei Shoigu's plane was flying in worldwide airspace when it was approached by a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation F-16.

But Russia disputes the American account, saying the U.S. plane made a "provocative" move toward their jet.

The Russian Defense Ministry has not responded to requests for comment from CNN.

A North Atlantic Treaty Organisation F-16 fighter jet tried to intercept the plane of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in the Baltic Sea Wednesday, according to Russian state media.

"While being escorted, the RC-135 attempted to move closer to the Russian interceptor, making a provocative turn towards the Su-27", the MoD said in a statement.

GETTYThe incident happened over the Baltic Sea

"As the aircraft did not identify themselves or respond to air traffic control, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation fighter jets scrambled to identify them, according to standard procedures".

The Baltic region has become a hotspot for Russia-NATO confrontation as the USA -led alliance is increasing its military presence in the area near the Russian border.

The situation on Russia's western borders has a "tendency to deteriorate", Sergey Shoigu said during an on-site meeting of the Defense Ministry Collegium in Kaliningrad on Wednesday.

U.S. Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman, said the American plane "did nothing to provoke this behavior", Reuters added.

Russia's defense minister said on June 21 that the security situation near the nation's western borders has worsened and Russian Federation will beef up forces there.

Russia, a staunch ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, said it would treat US-led coalition aircraft flying west of the Euphrates River in Syria as potential targets and track them with missile systems and military aircraft.

Earlier this month, the US Air Force deployed long-range B-52 bombers and 800 airmen to the United Kingdom in support of joint exercises with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies and partners across Europe.

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