Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Launch Trailer Reveals Release Date

That long rumored Modern Warfare Remastered standalone is coming next week for PS4

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered debuts for PS4 on June 27

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is finally getting a standalone release, but it's not all sunshine and roses for Xbox One and PC gamers. As for price, the game will run $40, which is much better than expecting full price for a remastered of a ten-year-old game, but probably still a little high for some.

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered release date is June 27th on PS4 as a standalone game. Sometime in July, then, yeah?

When the remaster originally launched, it was included with 2016, "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare". But if players really wish to save money, they may simply wait a few days for the standalone release, thereby saving that $2.99.

Above: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered multiplayer combat.

The trailer gives a PS4 release date of June 27, though it's noted that other platforms will release at a later date.

For those of you who never played the game, now is a good chance to play one of the most well renowned shooters in recent history, and get yourself acquainted with one of the most iconic protagonists in "Soap" MacTavish.

Now that we know the standalone Call of Duty 4 Remastered release is actually happening, it's time to look at what you get with this game. "With Modern Warfare Remastered, we're able to relive our favorite campaign levels and multiplayer moments in full HD visuals and remastered audio". Players will also experience the online multiplayer mode that redefined Call of Duty by introducing killstreaks, XP, Prestige and more, and battle head-to-head in the fan-favorite maps from the original multiplayer mode, including classics such as "Crash", "Backlot" and "Crossfire".

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