Open-World Dynasty Warriors 9 New Trailer And Combat Details Revealed

Ready to own the battlefield again

Ready to own the battlefield again

That's about to change with Dynasty Warriors 9 that really wants you to be a traveling one-man army that goes around a vast open world and beats anything into a pulp.

Dynasty Warriors has always been a franchise that was known for offering lots of enemies to fight, but there was never a game in the series that had an open-world.

Dynasty Warriors 9 is said to include all the characters from the eighth entry, with some new characters popping up for good measure.

Dynasty Warriors has always been a guilty pleasure sort of game.

Koei Tecmo have revealed a new suite of combat mechanics and exploration features that will debut in the upcoming, Dynasty Warriors 9.

Chief among the new combat features is the "Slate Combo System", enabling players to perform three different attack styles: Trigger Attacks, Flow Attacks and Finish Attacks.

There's also the Interactive Action system, which lets you use your surroundings for the first time in a Warriors game.

The title is now announced only for PlayStation 4 in Japan, and it is likely that the platforms for North America and Europe will be announced soon. Trigger Attacks will allow players to start an explosive combo. You can climb buildings and mountains, use grappling hooks on walls, and make use of objects like oil barrels in battle. Successful combos allow for a Finish Attack to be performed, delivering a final blow that eradicates any foes caught in its path.

This aims to increase the range of possibilities available during DW9's massive battles while journeying across third-century China.

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