California man suspected of causing fire that killed his mom

Father Kills His Two Young Children Hangs Self in Santa Rosa Police

NBC Bay Area Police in Santa Rosa investigate a homicide

She notified the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office Sunday night and sheriff's deputies found the bodies in the Slater Street home and notified Santa Rosa police around 9:50 a.m. Monday, Cregan said.

The 40-year-old had failed to return his children, a daughter aged six and a son aged 18 months, to the home of his estranged wife after spending Father's Day with them. Mom pens heartbreaking letter after dad in Santa Rosa allegedly kills 2 kids, himselfIn an emailed statement the children's mother writes, "They are my precious innocent children that were beyond loved".

Although Camara was married, he had been separated from his wife for six months. Police say they were killed by their own father, who then killed himself. The Press Democrat quotes Cregan as saying it is not immediately clear how the children died and an autopsy will be run to determine the cause of death.

Neighbors said Camara only lived in the area for a few months, but added that arguments between himself and his wife became intense on several occasions.

'I'm not quite sure what was going through his mind, ' said Camara's sister, Jessica Espada to KTVU who arrived at the scene.

'It's an absolute tragedy to see two young children lose their lives in a custody dispute, ' Santa Rosa Police Lt. John Cregan.

"A attractive little girl and a sweet little boy", said Julia Poncia. Deputies found the three bodies when they returned with concerned relatives the next day. "He was great, he'd have the kids visit, and ride bikes, and he'd take them to the park, and so I don't know".

But by Monday morning they were found dead on his bed inside the apartment. Buchholz said she never saw Camara mistreat his children. At that time, they had no formal custody arrangement.

"They're really super sweet kids and he seemed like a really good father", neighbor Carrie Buchholz told the news station. The video was recorded after police fired a taser at a man outside the Gold Coin Motel in Santa Rosa.

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