Machinima mocks Take Two's mod assault in short film

The developer of the popular Grand Theft Auto modding software OpenIV, has received a cease and desist letter from publisher Take-Two Interactive. "We will be donating our proceeds to charity and we apologize for any and all problems Force Hax services have caused to the Grand Theft Auto Online community". More than 38,000 negative reviews have been posted on Steam because of this move, leading to a tarnishing of GTA V's rating on the platform and many other tens of thousands have signed petitions demanding that the mod be allowed to continue.

Take-Two has rapidly been closing down GTA Online mods and the community isn't liking it one bit.

We've requested comment from Take-Two about this controversy and will update as we hear more. Rockstar's parent company recently made a decision to ban the GTA 5 OpenIV mod and the community is now putting up a united front in its demand for the mod to be brought back.

They also claim they are working on this issue so that they can "support the creative community" without hurting other players. People have been using it for around a decade - at this point it's a cornerstone of the modding scene. Unfortunately, the creators behind OpenIV have said they just can't afford the time to try and fight back against the cease and desist order. And while keeping hackers out is important to the interests of fair play, GTA Online's use of microtransactions means hacks that can generate infinite in-game money impact a market that's reportedly worth half a billion dollars to Take Two.

Almost all the reviews on Steam cite the same issue, complaining of Take-Two's policies to modding, claiming the tactic to be a part of a cash-grabbing strategy. In response to the modding purge, fans of OpenIV have taken to Steam, Google, and to voice their frustration. Only 13 percent of those reviews are listed as "Positive" with the majority of them being "Overwhelmingly Negative".

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