Cuba rejects new US policy, saying pressure will not work

Russia criticises US for 'anti-Cuban' approach says it sides with Cuba

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U.S. companies active in Cuba have complained about the threat to business - such as the Starwood hotel chain which past year opened a Sheraton in Havana.

In its reaction Sunday, the Russian ministry said the votes in NY each fall illustrate "the global community's position on Cuba", and said the Trump administration should "listen".

While the Cuban government's official response to Trump's announcement said that "a$3 ny strategy aimed at changing Cuba's political, economic and social systems, whether through pressure or coercion, or employing more subtle methods, will be doomed to failure", it is by no means excluded that the regime is willing to make a deal.

"Trump is adding teeth to Obama's previous policy, and he's talking about putting the human rights issue first", he added.

Upon confirming the decision to re-establish diplomatic relations, Cuba and the United States ratified their intention to develop respectful and cooperative relations between both peoples and governments, based on the principles and purposes enshrined in the UN Charter. From that would flow peace, harmony, and development on the island. Obama holdovers continue to dominate the high-ranking posts at State.

The United States are not in the position to teach us lessons.

This requires an incredible amount of ignorance or willful disbelief about how dictatorships-especially Marxist-Leninist ones-think and operate.

Confusion remains about what will be allowed and whether individual visitors could simply come in under the "support for the Cuban people" category now.

Measures Targeting Iran. The Iran measures in the legislation are largely consistent with the existing United States sanctions framework against Iran, which remains in place with respect to a range of activities unrelated to the nuclear-specific secondary sanctions that the U.S. eased under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action ("JCPOA").

However, creating a "Cuban business sector" was exactly what Obama was trying to do, with poor results. But they never have allowed that. Only party members and the military can own and operate significant business enterprises in Cuba, and only the privileged can use the convertible currencies on the island. The Cuban family that got your dollars can not use them because they have to turn them in to the government in exchange for a few lousy and worthless Cuban pesos. "The American people should be able to exercise their fundamental right to travel without political interference from the federal government". "We will stop looking to topple regimes and overthrow governments". Conditions on the island have been worsening, not improving, as the world opened itself to the Castro regime. If a bill were to pass in both chambers, President Trump could veto it-especially given language in the Senate's bill that would constrain the president's ability unilaterally to take terminate Russian Federation sanctions.

They were welcomed by Trump as long-lost comrades and given classified information, endangering those who risk their lives pursuing the intelligence that protects our homeland. "This is a completely unnecessary step backward for American families and businesses, the Cuban people and USA global leadership". Rather than shutting the door to this market 90 miles off our shores, we call on policymakers to enact legislation to do away with the statutory Cuba travel ban once and for all. That change is likely to significantly curtail USA tourism on the island as GAESA has a near monopoly on retail stores, and controls a large swath of foreign-run hotels in the country. "What Obama did was virtually all to the benefit of the Castros. but in exchange for what?" Moreover, Trump's new policy requires the regime to hold free and fair elections supervised by global observers and free all political prisoners.

The new policy is not only a setback of the USA policy on Cuba, but also would affect the US relationship with Latin America, he added.

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