At least 26 hurt after China Eastern Airlines flight hits turbulence

The huge hole in the Eastern Chinese airplane being assessed

The huge hole in the Eastern Chinese airplane being assessed

The injured, including four with severe injuries, suffered from bone fractures, scalp lacerations, soft tissue injuries and other light wounds, due to baggage falling or crushing on overhead bins, according to the hospitals.

One witness told the Xinhua news agency: "We felt strong turbulence twice and minor turbulence three times".

A passenger on board the flight said that the plane experienced two violent bumps and then several smaller bumps that occurred over a 10-minute span.

The nationalities of the injured passengers are unclear. Turbulence shook the aircraft seriously enough to injure almost two dozen people, some of whom required immediate treatment at local hospitals after landing.

This is published unedited from the PTI feed.

China Eastern said in a statement that the flight crew took necessary measures and after the flight landed safely. Baggages fell on many of them as well.

China Eastern arranged proper medical services.

A China Eastern Airlines flight MU736 headed for Shanghai had to reportedly make an emergency landing and return to Sydney, after a hole was found in one of the plane's engines, according to Reuters.

It's estimated that the Airbus A330-200 was carrying more than 200 passengers, including a Chinese tour group.

China Eastern Airlines planes sit on the tarmac at Hongqiao International Airport in Shanghai, China, Jul. 29, 2014.

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