UK Parliament opening date set, suggesting Tory deal reached

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has acknowledged her fault for the Conservative Party's dismal performance in the June 8 general election, apologizing to the MPs for the "mess" she created.

Theresa May has told representatives from Northern Ireland's parties that she will publish full details of any deal agreed with DUP to support a minority Conservative government.

Mrs Foster arrived in Downing Street with Nigel Dodds at lunchtime for negotiations with the Prime Minister but they decamped to Parliament to allow Mrs May and the DUP's deputy leader to speak in the Commons.

The newspaper said Britain wanted these rights to be available only to those European Union nationals who were living in the country before March 29 this year, when the government triggered the start of the two-year process of leaving the EU.

Asked if that meant the Government would work with Labour, Mr Gove replied: "Well the parliamentary arithmetic is such that we are going to have to work with everyone".

The outgoing speaker, John Bercow, was re-elected unopposed by the MPs, prompting May to raise laughter when she said: "At least someone got a landslide". "Talks are going well".

Referring to claims from Sinn Féin that a deal with the Conservatives could represent a breach of the Belfast Agreement, she said she would advise people to read the agreement.

Reports suggested that the Queen's speech and the Brexit negotiations could be delayed as a result.

The UK's Department for Exiting the European Union says the first round of talks will start on Monday June 19th.

May is under pressure to take on a more cross-party approach to the negotiations surrounding Brexit.

"I need a British delegation on the other side of the table, a head of the British delegation that is stable, accountable and that has a mandate", Barnier said.

'Although I don't expect it suddenly to collapse, because there's a broad consensus that wishes it to continue, I think we have to take care with it and take care that everything we do does not exaggerate the underlying differences that still are there in the Northern Ireland community'.

Even the idea of an alliance is complicated, however.

The meeting between Foster and Varadkar highlighted issues that have made some British politicians wary of a deal with the DUP.

The 1998 peace accords in Northern Ireland set up a power-sharing agreement in the British province, but this collapsed in January when Irish republicans Sinn Fein pulled out, citing a breakdown in trust. How will the agreement of Good Friday, concluded with Ireland, be protected?

The stakes for May are high. However, the clock is ticking on her deal with the DUP before Corbyn tries to make his move.

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