Ed Gillespie has Pulled Out a Victory for the Republican Gubernatorial Nomination

Republican candidate for governor Ed Gillespie arrives on stage with his wife Cathy as he prepares to deliver a victory speech at his victory party Tuesday

Ed Gillespie has Pulled Out a Victory for the Republican Gubernatorial Nomination

Justin Fairfax won the Democratic primary for his bid for Virginia Lt. Governor.

Corey Stewart, who lost a surprisingly close race in the GOP primary for Virginia governor, is considering running against Sen. In all Gillespie took home 43.7 percent of the vote compared to Stewart's 42.5 percent, while state Sen.

As The Star moseyed intently about Tuesday, trolling for primary-election quotes and observations from voters, a come-here from Washington state expressed due confidence in her Democratic Party.

"The primaries left our campaign with a very strong cash on hand figure and a robust ground game that made more than 800,000 contacts during the primary powered by over 6,000 volunteers", wrote Chris Leavitt, Gillespie's campaign manager in a post-primary memo. "But at some point I've got to figure out what to do", Stewart said in an interview.

Gillespie won the Republican primary by a narrow lead over Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chair Corey Stewart. Swing state Virginia's off-year gubernatorial contests are often used to forecast the outcomes of midterm congressional elections.

More than 540,000 people voted for the two Democrats and the Republican side had around 360,000 voting for the three candidates on the ballot.

In the GOP race, Stewart ran a Trump-like campaign complete with a mocking nickname for Gillespie - "Establishment Ed" - and a hardline stance on illegal immigration.

"And I think we need to be more like a sunny economy than a rusty one". Ed Gillespie had 160,039 votes in the Republican primary.

"We've got a lot of energy in the Democratic party right now", said Harned. He said he expects the party to unite against Gillespie in order to keep Northam out of the Executive Mansion.

"We're definitely going to try to get 100 percent of our members turning out", Kimelman said.

Arlingtonians came out again in record numbers to participate in the Democratic primary this year: 28,167 votes strong is the highest gubernatorial primary turnout in Arlington's history, and 25,717 votes strong is historically high turnout for the lieutenant gubernatorial primary. At the same time, he can't afford to alienate more moderate voters. "As this campaign continues building momentum, I eagerly look forward to earning the support of independents and Democrats who also wish to put principle over party and focus on solving our problems".

Democrats reacted with glee to Gillespie's scare and created a new website Wednesday - TrumpGillespie2017.com - to try and link Gillespie with the president. Perriello then turned to Bernie Sanders, running as the Virginia incarnation of the former presidential candidate although his past political record showed no such radical posturing. He energized many new-to-politics voters who oppose Trump. Northam has emphasized his biography - rural upbringing, Army veteran, and pediatric neurologist - as well as his bona fides with key progressive groups that make up the Democratic base.

Kimelman said the University Democrats and College Republicans plan on collaborating to provide transportation from the Observatory Hill Dining Hall to University Hall on Election Day, Nov. 7.

Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam has been planning a run for the Executive Mansion for years, lining up nearly every elected official in the state before anyone else even thought about entering the race.

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