Firefighters battling massive blaze in London high-rise

30 taken to hospitals after massive London high-rise blaze

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Desperate residents are building ropes from sheets in an attempt to escape from their windows as a huge inferno is engulfing a tower block in west London.

The fire brigade said 40 fire engines and 200 firefighters had been called to the blaze in Grenfell Tower, which has 120 flats.

The fire broke out before daybreak local time Wednesday.

Footage on social media showed the flames had spread over all 24 floors, with reports that people are trapped in their homes.

Police said: "At this stage we are aware of two people being treated at the scene for smoke inhalation".

"The whole building is on fire (and) spreading fast", witness Goran Karimi told CNN.

Grenfell Tower was built in the 1970s and recently subject to a $10.9 million redevelopment, according to property firm Rydon.

"It's so heartbreaking, I've seen someone flashing their torches at the top level and they obviously can't get out".

The tower block is on the Lancaster West Estate, between Latimer Road Underground station and Westfield's White City shopping centre.

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