The new God of War trailer shows Kratos' ongoing struggle with fatherhood

Source God of War A New Beginning  PlayStation

Source God of War A New Beginning PlayStation

Kratos is shown in the midst of a hard moral quandary, in which he ultimately decides not to kill his cursed son.

In the latest God of War PS4 trailer, it's all about Kratos' dad bod. The details are scare, and it's unclear as to why Kratos has traveled to such a colder climate, though no doubt it involves his son. It also sounds like it will have more humor, and more varied gameplay, than the original God of War trilogy. God of War (2018) will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Because Jörmungandr, the World Serpent who grew so large its tail encircled the Earth and whose presence portends Ragnarok, wasn't meant to be seen in anything less than blistering 1080p. Sony announced this God of War reboot at its E3 press conference a year ago, with Sony's Santa Monica Studio handling development. For the sake of his son Atreus, his rage has to be properly tempered - his Spartan heritage drawn upon only when pressed by fantastical beasts that threaten them both.

Most of the games in the God of War series are third-person, action-adventure games. I love the God of War series, and I'm sure this entry won't disappoint. At this year's press conference, we got confirmation as to when we can expect Kratos to return.

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