"Justice League" Movie to Feature Amazons From "Wonder Woman"

Are we going to see more of that in the future?

Lilly Aspell followed up her comments about Gal Gadot's advice by saying that her Wonder Woman costar is a very kind and even down-to-earth individual.

This is just wishful thinking, but I hope they explore the 60s with at the height of popularity for crime and espionage.

Connie Nielsen then added, referring to herself and Robin Wright: "And we got to do more in Justice League as well".

She said: "I love the costume, I think it's super-strong and sexy at the same time".

Because actors are restricted from spoiling their shiny new movies, it's expected that the vague phrasing leaves the circumstances of General Antiope's return unclear. In "Batman v Superman" she was a mature warrior, but in "Wonder Woman" the audience is introduced to Diana, princess of Themyscira, the island home of the Amazons.

Now the problem seems to be that since Warner Bros. was late to their own party, it puts Jenkins in a position to demand a huge paycheck increase. Aside from clutching the "Best in Show" honour, Wonder Woman also won "Best Fantasy/Adventure" and "Best Summer 2017 Blockbuster Poster".

"On close-up I looked very much like Wonder Woman", says Gadot. When the male characters in the movie - including her love interest, Steve Trevor, one of the good guys, played wonderfully by Chris Pine - tell her "no" (which happens repeatedly), she doesn't let their negativity stop her.

Before Wonder Woman, Jenkin's only had one other movie to her name - the 2003 feature debut Monster. With that said, how will she return when Wonder Woman joins the rest of the DC Comics crew in Justice League this November?

You may still be reeling from the range of emotions felt after seeing Wonder Woman, and that's okay, you are not alone. "Wonder Woman" has earned more than 2.19 million tweets this year, they report, putting the movie at No. 1 in the USA, over the musical that nearly won Best Picture and Disney's $1.2 billion live-action remake. It isn't the best superhero film ever, but it is the best from the DC Expanded Universe that leads up to the Justice League.

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