Ed Sheeran wins Maltesers battle with James Corden in Carpool Karaoke

Corden has been a big hit in the US since taking over the late-night talk show slot on the CBS network in 2015 and is now bringing his show back to his home city

Ed Sheeran wins Maltesers battle with James Corden in Carpool Karaoke

A non-musical highlight for us was when the "Photograph" artist shared the story of how he hit Justin Bieber in the face with a golf club - that happened like a week ago.

Finally, Corden performed a traffic-themed rendition of Sheeran's 'Castle on the Hill, ' saying that it was a flawless song to sing along to when you are stuck in traffic.

Starting off their drive on a sensual note, Corden put on recent chart topper "Shape of You", while the red-haired musician rode shotgun and proceeded to put his hand on Corden's thigh, explaining, "I told you it's a sexy song".

The Late Late Show with James Corden airs weeknights on CBS.

Sheeran's underdog persona at first appears at odds with his sex-god lyrics, but it tends to come with a faint tinge of leering: He is so sad, so lonely, and so underappreciated; wouldn't it be wonderful if some nice girl would comfort him?

Justin Beiber and Sheeran were involved in the most weird incident.

"He said, 'Go on!"

While Corden nearly choked on Malteaser #26, Sheeran owned the show with 55 of the chocolate confectionery sitting perfectly inside his mouth.

Earlier this year, Sheeran had said he wanted to rap rather than sing during his Carpool Karaoke episode.

"I ended up cracking him across the face", Sheeran said.

Sheeran also did his renditions of Bieber's "Love Yourself", One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful", and "Castle on the Hill". According to Sheeran, Bieber was "actually really cool about it, surprisingly".

The singer added: "But instantly, bringing out a guitar it's a lot more comfortable".

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