European Commission leader blasts Trump on climate plans

European Commission leader blasts Trump on climate plans

European Commission leader blasts Trump on climate plans

Pruitt said Trump made a very courageous decision by pulling out of the Paris Agreement.

It is clear that globalization has brought tremendous benefits to China, the European Union and the world, Li said, noting that globalization should not be blamed for the negative influence emerging along with it.

Bainimarama said the decision is a grave disappointment for places like his Pacific island nation and US coastal cities like NY and Miami that are vulnerable to climate change.

New energy vehicles previous year accounted for just 1.8 percent of sales in the world's biggest auto market, according to Reuters calculations based on official data. Yet dozens more are still expected to be built and China's also bankrolling plants in other countries.

China will continue to work steadfastly to implement the commitment of the Paris climate deal and join hands with all parties to tackle climate change, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang told reporters on Thursday.

The European Commission, the EU executive, described the USA pullout from the pact to fight the dangers of global warming and signed by more than 190 countries, as a sad day for the global community, but said it would seek new alliances. According to China's current five-year plan, it intends to increase coal power capacity by as much as 20 percent by 2020 even as the country closes plants.

As Greenpeace clean air campaigner Lauri Myllyvirta pointed out in a series of tweets on Thursday, leadership can involve taking action at home, symbolic or rhetorical steps, provision of finance to drive carbon cuts or diplomatic efforts.

China has been vocal in defending the Paris accord, and has become the world's number one manufacturer, developer and exporter of renewable energy. They install by far the most wind turbines and solar panels in the world.

The Times of India called it an "epic rant" with "hyperbolic falsehoods", arguing in a piece by their Washington correspondent that US aid to India is set to be whittled down to $34 million in 2018.

"Nothing", said Kevin Book, the managing director of the research firm ClearView Energy Partners.

In reacting to Trump's announcement that he was withdrawing the USA from the Paris climate accord, China reaffirmed its commitment to the landmark agreement and is poised to spend heavily in coming years on renewables.

Mentioning both the Sierra Club and noted former NASA climate scientist James Hansen by name, Pruitt falsely claimed that they opposed the deal "largely because it didn't hold nations like China and India accountable".

"The irony here is that people anxious that Trump would come in and make the world safe for Russian meddling", said Richard N. Haass, the president of the Council on Foreign Relations, who was briefly considered, then rejected, for a top post in the new administration.

Under President Barack Obama, cooperation between the world's two largest polluters had been widely seen as a major achievement and a bright spot in relations between the two countries. He heard many voices, voices across a wide spectrum of vantage points. So I don't think this changes the Chinese position at all.

However, China and the European Union should take actions to tackle problems brought by economic globalization, he said.

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