Neill Blomkamp Makes Sci-Fi Shorts in Oats Studios Trailer

Neill Blomkamp Makes Sci-Fi Shorts in Oats Studios Trailer

Neill Blomkamp Makes Sci-Fi Shorts in Oats Studios Trailer

Teasing a new sci-fi studio called Oats Studios since April, Neill Blomkamp's ready to show us what he has in store for his future sci-fi ambitions. The first look at Oats Studio's short films opens up with a shot of a dilapidated Eiffel Tower, as a narrator explains that aliens have arrived to conquer and destroy humanity.

It'll be interesting to see if Blomkamp is able to find success on the unique platform, and with the now underlooked style of short films.

The projects will delve in the supernatural, from aliens to monsters, which isn't entirely surprising given Blomkamp's history, especially as he got his start with a short film about aliens, Alive in Joburg (Later District 9).

There's no word yet on when Volume One will be released and how soon after that we'd have to wait for any other potential volumes but it seems pretty clear that Blomkamp is banking on getting significant fan support online before shopping his projects in Hollywood.

There's also the possibility that Volume 1 might serve as a jumping off point for a feature adaptation, much as Blomkamp's earlier short films paved the way for the likes of District 9 and Chappie.

With this project, it seems like Blomkamp is trying to utilize Steam as a go-to place for experimental art and as an outlet for his own wacky and freakish alien invasion ideas without the limits of studio expectations. If you want to catch updates about the coming films, the best place to will be Blomkamp's Twitter feed, where he has spent most of the past week answering questions about his new venture. The trailer is loaded with tense atmosphere, freaky lizard aliens and, surprisingly, Dakota Fanning with a massive assault rifle.

Both trailers appear to capitalize on Blomkamp's extensive work as an animator, and look to once again cover familiar sci-fi ground. "Adapt or die, it was as simple as that", adds the voiceover.

So what do we see?

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