Apple Siri Speaker To Take On Google And Amazon

It may also include sensors that can measure the acoustics of the room and adjust the sound level automatically. The speaker is expected to be able to do all the things that Siri does on the iPhone and iPad from setting timers and reminders to controlling smart home devices, checking the user's calendar, and weather reports.

Coming back to the SIRI based speaker, even the report that suggests the device might be displayed in the June WWDC, the actual product may reach the shelves for sale only later, say by fall. Your patience may pay off, though, as there are reportedly a few features that will help it stand out next to the Amazon Echo and Google Home, Engadget said.

There's no word yet on a possible launch date, but considering the devices are allegedly being manufactured now, we may very well get some sort of announcement next week at Apple's annual WWDC event. Furthermore, the speaker can double up as a Homekit hub enabling users to remotely control smart home appliances such as window blinds, door locks and indoor lights.

Apple is already far behind in the smart speaker race when other giants like Google and Amazon have been flaunting their versions of smart speakers since past year. Apple's marketing boss Phil Schiller has previously hinted that a smart speaker from the firm will have a screen. These are the dates Apple will host its WWDC 2017 conference as well. Also, the same sources have tipped the upcoming iOS powered smart speaker to look unlike anything ever experienced in the market. Amazon's Alexa sports a touchscreen display for video calls and live security camera viewing, while Google's Home does not have.

Siri Speaker is expected to be tied deeply to Apple HomeKit to support home automation devices. Although here's hoping the Siri Speaker isn't as plastic as the AirPods.

There is now no information on what operating system will power the speaker, but it is being speculated that Apple will try to differentiate itself from the competition by debuting a tighter integration with its own products. It would be a seamless transition for iPhone owners to start barking out commands to a smart speaker in the same or similar fashion as communicating with Siri on a smartphone.

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