Soon you will be able to send money form Google Assistant

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The Verge

By analyzing app behavior, Google is able to identify suspicious software that may have slipped through the net or has been installed from outside of the Pay Store.

The company knows it can be hard for shoppers to make online payments within third-party apps and mobile websites, as well as in Google Assistant, when they are on the run. This feature will scan a user's apps to make sure they haven't compromised the security of the device. These three features will ship to Android O devices with 1GB or less memory starting in 2018.

The Google Play Store app is one of the most important inbuilt apps that Android devices offer. Google announced a "Lens" feature for its Assistant app that will tell you information about what's in front of your phone camera - what type of flower you're looking at, info about the restaurant across the street, etc.

Picture-in-picture allows YouTube Red subscribers to shrink a video they are now watching, allowing it to play in a smaller window they can move anywhere on the screen while they use another app on the phone.

For users that want to enroll in the Android Beta Program, they can easily go to using their compatible devices.

Alexa, Siri scoot over - Google Assistant is here. This new feature improves copy and paste through the help of machine learning, which can now recognise contexts on the screen such as an address and will be able to copy the whole thing with a double tap.

Android Go sounds very much like the existing Android One platform, which targeted budget devices in China, as a cheap and cheerful lightweight OS that can run on phones with as little as 512MB of RAM. So, in order to give you a better perspective of the major highlight of Google I/O 2017, we have compiled the top 5 features that Google will soon launch for its users. Introducing Android Go is part of the company's effort to get the next 2 billion.

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