Gov. Rauner responds to state lawmakers failing to pass state budget

"I wouldn't be surprised if there's more ratings downgrades, there should be, because the majority in the General assembly won't get a balanced budget and they won't get changes to keep it balanced", the Republican governor says.

Senate Democrats approved workers compensation changes and, on Monday, a two-year property-tax freeze, which Republicans said was not long enough.

State Rep. Dan Beiser (D-Alton) is calling on Gov. Bruce Rauner to return to the negotiating table to help get a full and balanced budget for the state of IL after reviewing the Senate budget, which is built on unrealistic savings and shoddy accounting.

But when those talks broke down, Senate Democrats made a decision to go it mostly alone, passing the bills they say they negotiated with Rauner and the Republicans.

Senate President and Democrat John Cullerton, who supported the immigration bill in the Senate, said it will "provide stability" for Illinois' estimated half-million illegal immigrants by preventing state and local law enforcement from arresting them. The narrative follows that IL hasn't had a full budget for two years due to the stalemate between Gov. Bruce Rauner and House Speaker Mike Madigan. "There is a concern where they just don't have a high level of confidence in how the governor has conducted himself".

IL lawmakers have adjourned their regular legislative session without approving a spending plan for the third consecutive year.

Gov. Rauner is going todemand that the Democrats [return to Springfield] and negotiate a compromise- a truly balanced budget with key reforms to fix our system: Term limits, local government consolidation, workers' comp reform, and true property tax relief.

Democratic Speaker Michael Madigan told reporters Wednesday that his party would continue working with Republicans during June to fashion a balanced budget. The fiscal year starts July 1, but beginning Thursday, a three-fifths supermajority rather than simple majority is required for budget approval.

Cullerton had worked with Republicans in the State Senate to produce a budget.

In last year's election, then-La Salle County State's Attorney Brian Towne, a Democrat, took heat from his Republican opponent, Karen Donnelly, for creating a special drug unit known as SAFE that seized cash from suspected drug traffickers on Interstate 80.

For more than two years, the main political divide in Springfield has been between Democrats and Republicans.

The voter registration bill would require all Illinoisans who visit virtually any state-run agency, from the secretary of state's office to the DMV, to "opt out" of being automatically registered to vote. Rank-and-file legislators are increasingly frustrated with the constant political attacks by the leaders, parties, and outside groups. The governor talks about a property tax freeze, and I've gone even further, voting to cut taxes on all IL homeowners.

"If the goal is to get a budget, if the goal really is to get a budget, we'd have one".

If the bill passes muster in the Senate for a second time, it will be headed to Governor Bruce Rauner's desk to be signed. "Our desire is to work cooperatively with the governor", Madigan said. It looks like, once again, we will be ending May without a budget.

So for now, the budget stalemate continues.

"I understand that that is happening outside of this building, but we have got to stay focused on the goal", said Rep. Sara Wojcicki-Jiminez, R-Springfield.

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