You might actually get to ride Mario Kart in real life

You might actually get to ride Mario Kart in real life

You might actually get to ride Mario Kart in real life

It was revealed yesterday (via My Nintendo News) that Nintendo filed a trademark application for Super Nintendo World; as Uproxx notes, the text reveals a bunch of fun stuff the attraction could be getting, like Hugh Jackman's beloved real-life Mario Kart. Now we know what might be there thanks to a recent trademark filing.

A few months back, we reported that Nintendo was jumping into the theme park business with Super Nintendo World, a joint venture with Universal Studios Japan.

It's a solid name, no doubt. Officially, the language says, "arrangement of kart racing". What themed rides and areas would you most like to see at Super Nintendo World?

Nintendo reported on May 24 previous year the brand of Super Nintendo World in the US: The patent that covers various categories, including those relating to amusement parks, hotels, arcade game rooms and even to organizing races of go-kart.

Now, this could mean any number of things., but the specific reference to kart racing can really only mean one thing. There could be a Mario Kart themed ride, but it could also mean something as simple as a Mario Kart convoy-type parade similar to the one in Islands of Adventure featuring Marvel super heroes on ATV's. Or perhaps a dirt bike stunt show with people dressed in Excitebike uniforms? While it's still not known what the plans on for hitting more prevalent intellectual properties likes The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime has been very confident in his talks about the future theme park.

You can hear details about Super Nintendo World in Japan, which is expected to debut by summer 2020, in our video below.

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