New Blog Post Seems to Be Teasing New Map & Character

Overwatch's most rotund character has become the subject of a new custom game mode, and the result is both ridiculous and hilarious. Clearly, we're getting a new map in the Lunar Colony, which will be fun to see the heroes battling it out on the moon in a facility where Winston first saw the Earth below.

A new Overwatch blog as well as an accompanying set of images shed light on Horizon Lunar Colony, a program in the game's lore that suddenly went offline.

A post on the Overwatch website mentions the Horizon Lunar Colony. Other emails liken the gorillas to rowdy teenagers acting out against their caretakers and mention that all test subjects on the colony have experienced similar negative effects. The series of "messages" seem to further indicate that another gorilla hero is coming, possibly named "Hammond".

Beyond putting a name to Overwatch's potential new character, the email offers a distinction between Winston and Hammond.

Blizzard has begun teasing a new multiplayer map for the community, which also inadvertently confirms the arrival of the next Overwatch hero. The gorillas launched an uprising, killing all the scientists and claiming the moon-base for their own. Kaplan said during the same interview that there are "cool content drops every single month between now and the end of the year".

Last night on Twitter, the official account for Overwatch released a cryptic statement that has left many fans in confusion.

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