DeMario Dunks, Impresses Rachel on Basketball Court

Kutcher also revealed that Jared Haibon from Kailtyn Bristowe's season of The Bachelorette inspired them to watch regularly.

It comes down to Whaboom and Kenny, but Whaboom shoves the pro-wrestler aside and wins the husband award, potentially through cheating. Their best efforts are. underwhelming, and Ashton tells Rachel her guy isn't in this bunch. One bachelor gets cocky and starts showboating for the spectators. It just goes to show you that it doesn't matter if you are human or canine, this show will break you and send you away as damaged goods. And then Blake told Lucas what he'd said.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar arrives, and I've actually heard of him, so you know he's a big deal.

No-one knows why Rachel Lindsay went to the Bachelorette show with such a nice "guy" in her life!

Later, Kenny dismissed both of them as "white dudes acting insane".

Later, some serious chemistry was flowing between Rachel and Peter, who got the rose after a deep conversation (by this show's standards, anyway). The group date rose goes to Dean, who walks Rachel to the auto and finally kisses her.

"Ever since there was some guy named Jared, who apparently looked like me, we've been watching the show", Kutcher noted. "I don't care what anybody else says". And Peter, the Night 1 standout from Wisconsin, passed the second part of that with flying colours. They attend "Bark Fest" in Palm Springs together with Rachel's dog, Cooper.

They clicked so well that Rachel raved to the cameras that Peter was a "beautiful soul". Lindsay, 32, picked Peter to go on the first solo date with. As she explains it, Lexi says she only found out DeMario, her bf of seven months, was ghosting her (dumping her? what is even happening here?) when she saw him meet Rachel during that After The Final Rose special.

But while DeMario may be gone, there's still the likes of Kenny, Fred, Chris, Diggy, Iggy, Eric, and Josiah all fighting for Rachel's love. That said, the way DeMario is talking in circles trying to defend himself, I think I believe the insane chick.

DeMario excelled on the court and athlete-loving Rachel flirted with him.

DeMario in the locker room before the confrontation. She was smarter, wittier, funnier and more mature than he was, which I suspect he realized and is the reason he didn't select her. But he insisted he broke up with Lexi before going on The Bachelorette.

DeMario Jackson's girlfriend's name is Lexi. Someone asked me what my love language was on a recent date and I SHUT DOWN EMOTIONALLY, but Rachel is a better, more accepting person than I am. Rachel thanks them for coming and they tell her to find the one. It leaves her to wonder if the other men are there to find love or play games. Rachel is totally taken with Peter's anecdote, especially because she relates to it. You know Lucas just wanted that moment for his reel. Before Rachel can spend time with many other dudes, DeMario shows up at the gate and wants to talk to Rachel. She had fun exchanging sloppy kisses with first impression rose victor Bryan and letting him use his chiropractor hands on her back.

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