Android founder reveals $699 'Essential' smartphone

Android founder reveals $699 'Essential' smartphone

Android founder reveals $699 'Essential' smartphone

He then spent some time in 2013 working on other Google projects, including robotics, before leaving the company in 2014. The handset will be available only in the USA when it launches; Essential didn't say when it will ship or provide pricing for the home product.

The Essential Phone has a 5.71-inch display with curved corners, that looks like the one included in the Galaxy S8 and the LG G6. That's about as much as you could possibly ask for from the front of the device.

Meanwhile, the front-facing camera comes with an 8-megapixel sensor and an f/2.20 fix hyperfocal lens.

"Essential Home will help with daily tasks, but it will also let you create new experiences in the home with the devices you have". We are looking forward to more clarifications on this: does this mean unlocked bootloaders and other goodies for devs and enthusiasts? The specs sound nice, but we'd be remiss to recommend this phone without giving it a proper trial in our everyday lives. But this new smartphone is using the dual camera just like Huawei's P9 and P10. In the future, the pins could be used to hook up even more ambitious accessories.

The other add-on from Essential is a small, 360-degree camera (available with the phone for $50, for a limited time; it's normally $199 sold separately) that attaches to the phone for easy shooting and sharing.

"I know many people in the media are going to speculate on why I started Essential, so I wanted to take a moment to share the real reason with you", Rubin said in his tweet, which he also posted on his company's blog. The only problems is we know nearly nothing about it.

Oh, wait! But there's more.

With the reveal of the Essential Phone, Android cofounder Andy Rubin announced the Essential Home. The screen can be used to display timers, reminders, and even directions to upcoming meetings. Essential's device features a round display and an assistant that can do things like answer questions, set timers, and integrate with services to perform actions like playing music and controlling your smart home products. It runs on an operating system called Ambient OS, which will automatically link a new smart home device with Essential Home for simpler set-up. Note that you can find the full manifesto at the source link below, and note that some of the points are a bit murky. The company is stressing that the Essential Home is focused on privacy.

As mentioned, much of the details about the new Essential Phone are already available, with the company providing a breakdown of some of the handset's features on its website.

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