US President Donald Trump Goofs On Twitter After His Departure From Italy…

It didn't always like what it saw. "Many NATO countries have agreed to step up payments considerably, as they should". Here he was beaming giddily next to a stern-faced pope.

In Saudi Arabia, one senior White House official marveled at the lack of protesters, perhaps not realizing Saudi bans them. Trump hung back, deciding against joining his peers.

"Love your shoes. Boy, those shoes". American officials have also expressed concern, seeing as The Daily Beast noted that at least one US State Department employee said Trump's performance was "loud and tacky" like a "drunk tourist".

Trump's actions were not taken were kindly by the worldwide media.

Summing up the tour on Saturday, Trump's advisers seemed most enthused about the Saudi leg, where he clinched a $110 billion arms deal and forged what one aide described as a "personal bond" with the king.

The seemingly seismic changes are still being assessed in Washington but the early reviews are critical. The trans-Atlantic alliance stands, but with people on both sides in a state of sober, not heartfelt, embrace.

Trump, who will return to the White House under a cloud of scandal, started Saturday at the second day of the G-7 summit in Sicily, bringing to an end a nine-day trip that started in Saudi Arabia and Israel before moving on to three European stops.

Still, there was irritation at Trump's refusal to show his hand on the Paris agreement to curb carbon emissions. While White House officials said the speech should be read as re-affirming his support, the encounter left allies still uncertain whether the US would come to their aid if attacked. That same day, the president announced he would delay a decision on whether or not the USA would stay in the Paris climate accords, despite pressure from the other leaders.

Donald Trump claims his first foreign trip has been a success.

That doesn't mean they weren't annoyed.

German prime minister Angela Merkel says that the European countries can't necessarily depend on other nations and in many areas may have to go it alone.

"The whole discussion on the topic of climate was very hard, not to say very unsatisfactory", Merkel said as the summit of the leaders of the world's most economically advanced nations was drawing to a close. "But we want to be treated fairly".

Where President Obama tried to encourage Iran to reform through the Iran nuclear agreement, President Trump sees a new alliance of Sunni Arab states and Israel, united against their common enemy Iran, as the key to curtailing terrorism and to a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians.

"The times in which we could rely fully on others - they are somewhat over", Merkel said in Munich, Germany.

When Trump told an Israeli delegation that he had just gotten back from the Middle East - which Jerusalem is clearly part of - Dermer instinctively reacted to the flub by putting his palm to his forehead.

In Israel he didn't mention the two-state solution that would create a Palestinian nation, or moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, remaining silent on a long-standing campaign pledge.

Meanwhile, the European leaders, even ones who have already visited the White House, were clearly sizing him up.

With the recently elected French president Emmanuel Macron supporting this sentiment, a Europe led by France and Germany seems set to emerge. His harsh statements in Europe suggested that he could be most divisive American leader to join this rarefied club since it was first organized in 1975.

Trump is seated between Beji Caid Essebsi, president of Tunisia, and Mahamadou Issoufou, the president of Niger, for his first meeting of the day.

Then there were the small dramas within the drama. Belgium's Le Soir headlined one front-page story: "Trump shoves his allies".

The foundation of the United Nations in October 1945, whose express mission was to prevent such a devastating war from ever occurring again, along with the forming of other global organizations via the Bretton Woods agreements, ushered in a spirit of internationalism as the antidote to particularistic, nationalist forces disrupting the world order.

"So you had another story wrong".

Shimi Geshayed, Director of Rachashei Lev (pictured left) and Prime Minister Benjamen Natanyahu were able to facilitate a meeting between Emilee and Trump that the media may ignore, but that neither POTUS, FLOTUS nor Ibar will ever forget.

Check out Federal News Radio's latest podcasts. She concluded that Donald Trump's body language depicts that he feels "It's all about me".

Pressure is building in Congress to get more answers of Mr. Trump's White House on ties to Russian Federation.

All the while, the news from home was never far behind. And the search continues for an Federal Bureau of Investigation director to replace the fired James Comey.

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