Android O beta update released by Google

Android O Will Be Available Later This Summer Android O Features Include Fluid Experiences And Vitals

Android O mobile operating system will be available later this summer

In a blog post, Google confirmed that it would soon allow US users to send or receive payments directly using Google Assistant.

You can now ask the Assistant to turn on your living room lights or look up an order confirmation email from Gmail, among many other tasks, all without interacting with a physical Google product like the Home speaker or Pixel.

It will launch for more users but for now, only those who have the Google Assistant on their phones can get the update.

Among other things, Google unveiled new ways for its massive network of computers to identify images, as well as recommend, share, and organize photos.

The Google Assistant is getting a number of upgrades. Google Assistant is on more than 100 million devices after being on the market for slightly more than six months and now is trying to invade new territory with a free app released Wednesday that works on the operating system powering Apple's iPhone.

"Android O" would bring more fluid experiences to the devices as well as improvements to areas of the phone called "vitals" like battery life and security. One thing Google didn't mention on stage but did post on its support page is the ability to easily restrict applications from being installed on devices that didn't meet SafetyNet's standards.

Google will soon be applying a layer of artificial intelligence to all of its products. For instance, point the phone at a flower and Assistant will call upon Lens to identify the type of flower.

Google announced all of its updates and new features on this year's I/O keynote. It will allow you to send money, both inside apps and on websites.

The overall picture from the Google I/O conference is that these are the beginnings of understanding images and videos by the search engine.

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