A painful handshake is felt on both sides of the Atlantic

Trump had yet another unusual handshake with a world leader when he met with newly-elected French president Emmanuel Macron on Thursday morning.

Each man gripped each other's right hand so firmly that their knuckles turned white and their jaws seemed to clench as they sat down for a face-to-face meeting.

Trump has been known to pull people close to him while shaking hands, but Macron seemed prepared.

Trump told Macron it was an honour to be with him, saying he had run "an incredible campaign and had a tremendous victory".

But the handshake narrative just won't go away.

It looks like world leaders are starting to catch on that you have to strike first-and hard-when you shake President Donald Trump's hand.

"I have been very, very direct with Secretary (Jens) Stoltenberg and members of the alliance in saying that North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members must finally contribute their fair share and meet their financial obligations", Trump said.

Trump learns from his mistakes the second time around. As the two men grasp hands during the photo-op, Trump appears ready to execute his oft-used move.

Emmanuel Macron and Charles Michel arrived at 11:30 am on Thursday at the Egmont Palace in Brussels for a 10-minute meeting in the context of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation mini-summit, which will be held late in the afternoon.

"You tiny, tiny, tiny little man", she tweeted, providing a GIF of the odd incident.

"If relationships were defined by handshakes, then Trump & Macron's is gonna be fierce".

Video of the incident spread on social networks in multiple languages.

Welcomed by Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel at his Brussels residence, Macron promoted what he calls his "protection agenda" for Europe, which he said must include measures to protect workers from the effects of globalization but also to beef up cooperation to prevent further attacks.

"It didn't really register. It is simply a harmless situation", he told reporters after the summit. The small former Yugoslav republic is slated to become NATO's 29th member next month.

"No hasty decision should be taken on this subject by the United States, our collective responsibility is to ensure that this commitment remains a global commitment, " he added.

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