IPhone 8 and iPhone 7S moulds leak alongside each other

IPhone 8 and iPhone 7S moulds leak alongside each other

IPhone 8 and iPhone 7S moulds leak alongside each other

Rumor suggests that Apple will move to a vertical setup due to the narrower body of the new phone. The reason for this is that the iPhone 8 will be the most expensive one to build. The mold of the iPhone 8, on the other hand, shows lenses stacked atop each other vertically, in accordance with many previous leaks that have hit the web over the past several weeks.

Kuo, who is a famous Apple analyst, believes that the iPhone 8 will have the dual-lens camera that was originally introduced in the iPhone 7 Plus. The belief is that the iPhone 8 will feature newer advanced features over the 7s models, namely an edge-to-edge 5.8-inch OLED display. Regardless, anyone interested in picking up Apple's flagship iPhone 8 won't necessarily have to wait until November to do so. Rumors either suggest that Apple could remove the feature together, relocate it to the back, or develop a new technology that can hide the sensor beneath the display.

In the last image uploaded onto Slashleaks (via 9to5Mac), it shows an alleged drawing of the iPhone 8 and as you can see, it clearly shows that there is a cut out below the Apple logo in which it is presumed that is where the fingerprint sensor will be going. The device won't differ much from the iPhone 7 in terms of size.

Looking at the pricing above, the iPhone 8's pricier retail price doesn't seem outlandish.

Together, the hike in 3D touch, OLED panels, and an increased memory result in an additional $100 - and that is considering only these hikes in the cost. Even some of the more optimistic reports we've seen have said that the iPhone 8 might not see the light of day until October. It is expected to feature and edge-to-edge OLED display. The extra costs are claimed to come from needing to bond glass to both the front and back of the fragile display, not just the front. After all, OLED panels are far more power efficient - and offer improvements to colour gamut and dynamic range - over conventional LCD displays.

The iPhone has been a symbol of technological innovation for years, but it has been slipping since the iPhone 5. Unlike the Qi wireless standard that Samsung uses which involves placing the device on a specific Qi charging pad, Apple's version will reportedly allows the device to be charged truly wirelessly up to a distance of 15 feet.

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An image showing moulds for three iPhone models.

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