Mercedes-Benz, Vivint to power solar homes

Tesla's Powerwall

Tesla's Powerwall

It will cost around $13,000 (£10,000) "fully installed", which includes "the battery, an inverter, professional installation, permitting, and a consultation with Vivint Solar to design the system", ArsTechnica reports. The have a capacity of 2.5kWh and a total of eight can be scaled for a combined capacity of 20kWh.

Vivint Solar has partnered with Mercedes-Benz Energy to offer residential solar power systems paired with battery storage.

Mercedes-Benz pitches its electric products as a complete electrified home solution, and solar plays a crucial role in that vision. They will be customised by Vivint Solar based on the customer's energy needs.

Vivint's offerings will be cheaper, though.

The collaboration marks the first time that the German manufacturer has worked with a USA solar company. Homeowners will have the same backup capacity as in the USA, and commercial customers are being given access to more power storage. And in two leading markets - California and Hawaii - new rates, incentives and rules are pushing customers to obtain batteries along with the solar panels.

"As Mercedes-Benz electrifies its vehicle fleet, solar plus storage is essential to enable those vehicles to be powered by clean energy", states Boris von Bormann, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Energy Americas, in a press release.

The solar installer also is expected to provide a smart-home experience - Vivint Solar announced a partnership with Vivint Smart Home at the Consumer Electronics Show in January that would allow the company to use sensors and artificial intelligence to manage energy loads automatically.

"An energy storage system will allow you to have an electric vehicle and self-produce that electricity for the electric vehicle", von Bormann said in an interview. Starting in Q2, California residents will be able to purchase (or finance the purchase of) the cells, though the offer is now only valid for new Vivint customers. "We look forward to bringing this innovative solution to consumers, beginning in our California markets".

Parent company Daimler started the energy storage division in 2015 soon after Tesla Energy was launched.

Mercedes started selling battery systems in Europe a year ago. The company is utilizing lithium-ion technology it has developed for its expanding electric and hybrid vehicle offerings.

According to BusinessInsider, Mercedes will be providing its at-home battery as a part and parcel of this drive.

The latest company to come to the United States?

Some electric utilities are also willing and able to purchase renewable energy from other sources such as home and business owners with stored solar power.

Though the power rating of the Mercedez battery system can depend on the power electronics specific to particular installations, but in general it is 0.5 C up to 4 battery units.

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