Google I/O 2017: Google Releases Standalone VR Headset

Google Daydream

Google's Daydream View VR headset. Darren Weaver

Bavor also said that Samsung would make its new Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone compatible with Google's Daydream View mobile headset via a software update. WorldSense is another feature that will be used in the headsets for positional tracking. The new VR will no longer require cables and phone.

With the pursuit to create a greatly improved device, Google was motivated to develop the standalone VR headset. LG Electronics Inc.'s next flagship smartphone, expected this fall, will also support the Daydream device, Google said.

In addition, the headsets will be truly standalone, in that they will not only not require using a smartphone or tethering to a personal computer to operate, such as is now the case with Facebook Inc. -owned Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

This Standalone headset is itself based off of Qualcomm's older reference VR headset called the Snapdragon VR820, which later became the Snapdragon 835 VR, and was provided to OEM partners as a base. It's goal is to make VR experiences easier to share with both those around you and others with their own headsets, bringing some intriguing new features to the platform. The update is codenamed Daydream Euphrates and it will be available to all phones with Daydream support later this year. Besides enabling the system to construct virtual worlds that are laid over a representation of the real world, an augmented reality approach mixed in with the virtual reality concept, the system also functions to track a user's movements.

According to an exclusive by Variety, Google could be set to launch a new standalone virtual reality device at the upcoming Google I/O 2017 developers conference.

Bavor said that Google is once again using a platform approach to build these standalone devices. Google calls this WorldSense technology and it should allow for a much more accurate motion tracking in the VR environment and would enable new VR experiences.

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