Darren Aronofsky pulls at Jennifer Lawrence's heartstrings in creepy poster

Jennifer Lawrence's 'Mother!' Gets First Look With New Character Poster

Jennifer Lawrence Rips Heart Out on New 'Mother!' Poster

The poster features Lawrence herself, painted in an nearly porcelain manner, holding her own heart in outstretched hands while blood trickles down her dress.

The director released the first poster for Mother! Remember that Natalie Portman's performance in Black Swan earned her an Oscar and Jennifer Lawrence was already a favorite of the Academy, she would make a flawless candidate for 2018! If the latter is wearing a white dress and does not seem frightened or suffering, she really carries her heart in her hands and seems to have snatched it.

Aronofsky, who is dating Jennifer, revealed the poster on Twitter with the caption "HAPPY mother!".

The film also stars Ed Harris, Kristen Wiig (reportedly in a small part) and real life brothers Domhnall and Brian Gleeson, though no information is available for what characters they play either.

If the poster is this unsettling, what on earth is the actual film going to be like?

J Law, 26, reportedly hooked up with the filmmaker, 48 - who has a ten-year-old son, Henry, with ex-fiancée Rachel Weisz - on set last year.

Mother! will be Aronofsky's first film since 2014's Noah, which was a relatively successful biblical epic, earning over $350 million worldwide.

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