'Saturday Night Live' Ratings Rise With Host Melissa McCarthy

Fans were so excited for Melissa McCarthy to host SNL this week after she was spotted driving a podium through the streets of New York City as Sean Spicer earlier this week.

(It's like you can't even film a bit in busy NY traffic anymore.) But it was still a customary, crowd-pleasing hoot to see McCarthy's accurately belligerent, truth-twisting Spicer emerging from his hiding place in the White House hedges to unseat seemingly inevitable replacement spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Aidy Bryant).

Then asked "Where you surprised Trump fired James Comey instead of you" McCarthy as Spicer ripped a beam off the wall and threw into the press corps.

"Your staff has been saying all week that you didn't fire him because of his Russian investigation?" asks Holt, to which Trump admits he fired Comey "because of Russia".

The sketch included "Spicer" attacking reporters with fire extinguishers and even structures of the White House itself before the reporters asked if Trump is lying to Spicer.

Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer made his much-anticipated return to Saturday Night Live last night in an extended sketch that took quite the unexpected turn.

Aidy Bryant stepped to the press podium as Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Spicer's stand-in this week, where she stated she did not know where Spicer was.

That would have been a fitting end, but in the "SNL" tradition of more is not enough, the 8-minute skit continues until McCarthy finds Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump at a New Jersey golf course. McCarthy as Spicer asks him, "Have you ever told me to say things that aren't true?"

It was the latest appetizer for her appearance on this week's "SNL", as she also released a video of her lip-syncing to the "West Side Story" hit "I Feel Pretty" while hair and makeup people transform her into Spicer.

Trump tried to sidestep the awkward conversation by asking Spicer to kiss him ("I'm famous, it's OK"). So, yes, they went for it here and I'm fairly certain they achieved it. Like Baldwin, McCarthy has effectively turned into an honorary cast member, thanks to her Spicer.

"Yes", Baldwin-as-Trump replied before the two shared an epic lip-lock. "How do we know?"

"He wouldn't do that", a tearful McCarthy said.

She reaches Trump Tower only to be told that the president does not come to Trump Tower anymore.

Facing questions over Trump's mental state amid a series of tweet storms, McCarthy's Spicer then claimed that "If he's insane, he's insane like a fox with mental problems".

The communications issues facing the Trump administration "are a problem and a flaw that starts at the top", Earnest said.

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