Caitlyn Jenner finds Trump 'disappointing' and is looking into entering politics

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Caitlyn Jenner on This Morning

Caitlyn Jenner has revealed that she would be shocked if her daughter Kendall came out as transgender. I'll go with that.

Baby naming experts said parents have long used biblical names for their children.

The 83-year-old host clarified he was only asking to understand what the surgery was like for the former athlete. "But most, as far as getting the time and this and that to be able to do something like that - and what's between your legs doesn't define who you are", she continued.

"Caitlyn had an unbelievable night and when she won her award the room went insane", they said.

She was promoting her explosive new book, The Secrets of My Life, which was blasted by ex Kris Jenner as being full of "lies".

The annual Social Security Administration list of 2016's 1,000 most popular baby names was released Friday.

In October 2016, the gold medal-winning Olympian legally changed her name to Caitlyn Marie and her gender to female.

She went on to encourage parents to fully embrace their children, giving them as much support as they can during what can be a complicated and drawn-out transition.

As the AP notes, the name Hillary dropped out of the list's top 1,000 spots in 2009 and hasn't returned, while Donald dropped 45 spots a year ago to No. 488. "I don't know. That's something over the next year I'm going to take a serious look at and any place that I can do a good job and get the most accomplished, that's what I'll wind up doing". founder Laura Wattenberg told The Associated Press the trend was "inevitable", since the name Caitlyn was already becoming less popular, and most parents avoid controversial names for their babies.

Neither of these names is among the most popular, but they jumped more spots than any other names.

"What is the surgery like, what is it like to go through with it", he asked, to which she responded, "It's not as bad as you think".

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