British Columbia election puts energy projects at risk

So Sonia Fursteneau and Adam Olsen, newly elected Green members, could together decide who will be the next premier.

The ruling Liberal Party squeaked to victory in British Columbia elections, but it lost its majority after 16 years in power as the left-leaning New Democrats picked up seats, preliminary results showed.

"We won the popular vote, and we have also won the most seats and with absentee ballots still to be counted, I am confident that they will strengthen our margin of victory".

That includes the Courtenay-Comox riding, which was won by NDP candidate Ronna-Rae Leonard by an astonishing nine votes. We don't even know the final results yet...

Weaver said he called both leaders to congratulate them. "There's still 176,000 seconds on the clock and I'm going to wait to see what the final outcome is".

Clark will be thanking her lucky stars that she made numerous outreach efforts to Weaver in the past four years.

A Vancouver city councillor says New Democrats have more in common with Greens than what the latter have with B.C. Liberals.

Liberal cabinet ministers who were defeated Tuesday included Peter Fassbender in Surrey-Fleetwood, Suzanne Anton in Vancouver-Fraserview, Amrik Virk in Surrey-Guildford and Naomi Yamamoto in North Vancouver-Lonsdale. Asked several times if she accepts personal responsibility, Clark avoided a direct answer. "It is my intention to continue to lead British Columbia", she added.

Speaking in Toronto Wednesday, Alberta Premier Rachel Notely jokingly thanked the voters of British Columbia for making Tuesday's election "interesting" and precluding her from congratulating a victor at this point.

Liberal incumbent Jordan Sturdy held on to his West Vancouver-Sea to Sky seat, despite strong showings by both the Greens and NDP. He's already discussing his bargaining chips. The NDP has tabled legislation on six occasions proposing to ban union and corporate donations.

NDP leader John Horgan and BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver also won their respective ridings.

"We inspire people to vote for something... and those people are from across the political spectrum", Weaver said.

"I suspect other parties would be crawling over themselves to offer us official party status in light of where we stand today".

"Tonight is the beginning of something very different", Clark told a subdued crowd at a downtown Vancouver hotel in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The political commentariate is ruminating over the dozens of "what if?" scenarios following Tuesday's provincial election, which resulted in a hung legislature.

Hitting back at US plans to implement duties on Canadian softwood lumber, a key export for British Columbia, Clark said the Liberals would add a carbon levy on thermal coal exports from the province that would make them uneconomic.

"It's easier to imagine a deal between the Greens and the NDP - not personality wise, but on substance".

Johnston said if the results remain a Liberal minority government with the Greens holding the balance of power, Weaver has to be careful. Supporting minority governments is usually perilous for the smaller parties, he said.

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