Amazon Echo Show with touchscreen and video calling launched

Amazon Echo with Touch Screen Amazon Echo with Touch Screen

Amazon Echo with Touch Screen

Using the OpenTable skill, you can make dinner reservations at any of the thousands of the restaurants in their network, and then receive visual confirmation on the Show's screen.

When Amazon unveiled the Amazon Echo, a smart speaker that features Amazon's virtual AI named "Alexa", the idea caught on quickly.

In a little less than a year and a half, Amazon has released five products to further build up its personal assistant, Alexa, along with improving on Alexa's abilities to assist its customers.

We as people need to realize the risk to our privacy also.

Amazon is upping the smart-home voice-control ante for integrators with its new $229 Amazon Echo Show. In some features, it resembles the Echo, the Fire tablets and Fire TV streaming devices.

CEO and co-founder of Nucleus, Jonathan Franke, includes Amazon's Alexa voice assistant in its system intercom that costs $249. Even if you have an ex or a cable company on the list specifically to block them or change their name to "DO NOT ANSWER", they can still get through to your Echo if they have the Alexa app.

Will you be buying the Echo Look?

What's more, the Amazon Echo Show will be able to play videos from news and information sources, as well as content from the likes of YouTube and Amazon Video. According to data from research firm eMarketer, Amazon's Echo devices will have 70.6 per cent of the market compared to 23.8 per cent for Google's Home.

The voice-controlled smart speaker market continues to grow rapidly, with Amazon's Echo range of devices dominating the segment. With this feature, you will be able to connect with other Echo Show users even when the person on the other side is not accepting the call.

Adding a video component to voice-only digital assistants opens up a huge territory for developers and is the beginning efforts in enhancing the digital assistant experience with consumers.

Also like the Echo (and everything else in the Alexa lineup), users can wake the Echo Show just by saying "Alexa". The speaker on the $50 Echo Dot isn't as good, as it's meant to be used with speakers you already may own.

Analysts with Morgan Stanley say the reasoning behind the so-called Echo Show is simple: It will make voice-activated shopping a lot easier.

So here's the thing - the calling feature cannot be enabled for your selective contacts.

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