Microsoft announces Azure apps for iOS and Android devices

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Indexing is automatic. You can also use JavaScript stored procedures.

Right now, developers can use the popular bash Linux shell with Cloud Shell, and Microsoft's PowerShell will be coming to the service soon.

Meanwhile, serverless computing supplements DevOps because it frees up developers and IT operations staff from having to set up and tune systems.

Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of Microsoft's Cloud and Enterprise Group and a longtime developer, introduced a database migration service, created to smoothly convert data stored on companies' own servers to Azure.

More data news Microsoft is announcing its own database that supports access via MySQL, MongoDB and even Amazon DynamoDB APIs.

One artificial intelligence service uses the company's ability to automatically translate languages to add subtitles to PowerPoint presentations, while another lets customers index video to identify a particular speaker by sight or tag when a word or phrase is uttered, company executives said during a briefing ahead of its Build developer conference in Seattle. Microsoft previewed Docker, Azure Functions and Xamarin.IoT support.

Yesterday Microsoft launched a new Android app for its cloud computing platform Azure.

It is hard to say about that yet, although Microsoft does have a good track record recently of improving on apps.

If you're using any of Azure's services, the app might be worth checking out. "You can write a single code base or configuration for stream analysis, machine learning, cognitive services ... then choose where to execute the code based on environmental factors".

If you have not heard of Azure before, it is basically like Amazon's AWS platform and it is also very similar to Google's Cloud Platform.

Last week, DocuSign said that it has grown its user base 135 percent year-over-year, and has more than 300,000 customers and more than 200 million users. DevOps, continuous delivery and containerisation.

"Therefore, whether you want to build a Web site using MySQL database or want to quickly build and deploy a geospatial Web or mobile app with PostgreSQL, you can now quickly get setup using the managed service capabilities offered by Azure".

"Breaking down our systems into microservices has enabled us to move them to the cloud", said Patrick Boudreaux, software engineering manager at Alaska Airlines, which has standardized on Visual Studio Team Services and the Azure cloud.

But Net Applications' tallies include only personal computers, while Microsoft's count also covers Xbox consoles, tablets and a small number of Windows-powered smartphones.

Steve Smith, vice president of information technology at Geico, said following Microsoft's lead into the cloud, "helped us achieve our digital transformation". "I have no doubt that Microsoft will pursue a robust hardware and software partner ecosystem and seek to have as many vendors embed, support ... or certify these new tools at the Edge". Customers who've already built on top of Cosmos DB would be able to dive in and start swimming sooner, too. The most novel feature was the release of Cosmos DB, a replacement for, or upgrade to, Microsoft's Document DB NoSQL database.

First out of the gate is the Azure IoT Edge, a cloud service created to bring and run analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities directly on an Internet of Things (IoT) device.

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