PewDiePie Discusses Mental Health Issues, Saying "It's Okay To Feel This Way"

"We won't just treat illness but reverse the Tory Government's failed policies to tackle the factors that contribute to poor mental health, like housing shortages, rising poverty and cuts to public services". Some days will be tougher than others.

The Mental Health Foundation said that the results showed that the collective mental health of the United Kingdom was "deteriorating".

Two-thirds of those who correctly identified alcohol abuse recommended self-help strategies instead of recommending professional help, suggesting that many might not be aware that professional help exists for this condition. Everyone knows a little bit about mental health issues.

But the Greens have gone further by promising to match physical health spending - a commitment which could at least double the amount of money spent on mental health, under one metric.

Nothing is more important to us, as parents, advocates and practitioners, than ensuring all children have the opportunity to thrive physically, mentally and emotionally. Again, there is no shame in resorting to these sort of means, but there is always a better alternative, one with less pain for yourself and loved ones. "We can come back and see things in a fresh light".

These were just some of the findings in a federally funded study conducted by Michigan State University that looked at mental-health literacy around four major issues: anxiety, depression, alcohol abuse and prescription drug abuse. Mental health care systems are in crisis. Recovery rates are high, and help is available in Columbiana County.

People who have a good emotional health, including the skills listed above, will have a solid foundation to help them cope during adversity, making them less susceptible to developing mental health problems. However, up there in the football hotbed of the North-East England we feel a sense of community and togetherness about our football teams. They will be the first to notice if people change their behaviour or appearance, if they appear stressed or anxious or are taking more time off work sick.

"There are practical things that young people can do to help them through the hard times at school, college or university". There is very often a strong relationship between a person's income and their mental health. Footballers such as Clarke Carlisle and Aaron Lennon have publicly been affected by mental health, and despite the sadness of the cases, this can only help raise awareness within the sport and wider community.

But only one in three van drivers who believes their mental health to be suffering have spoken to their manager about their concerns, with more than one in 10 (12 per cent) who haven't spoken to anyone about their mental health at all. Sometimes people - especially young people - engage in potentially risky behaviors to manage, avoid, or cover up symptoms of a mental health problem.

One senior leader, who was frustrated by the increased mental health claims in his organization, said to me, "this mental health stuff is all in their heads".

"In my own experience I have never even attempted to attack someone with an umbrella (it's ok, you can laugh)". With greater awareness comes greater knowledge, and knowledge is power.

The 5 Ways to Wellbeing MK initiative aims to prompt people to build 5 practical, straightforward steps into their daily life which are evidenced to improve feelings of wellbeing, may ward off anxiety and depression and could lead to them living 7.5 years longer.

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