City removes 2nd of 4 Confederate statues in New Orleans

Masked crews, using a massive crane and trucks removed a controversial statue of former confederate President Jefferson Davis.

"After almost two years of planning and court battles, City officials began the process today of removing the three remaining monuments that prominently celebrate the 'Lost Cause of the Confederacy.' The statues that are being removed were erected decades after the Civil War to celebrate the 'Cult of the Lost Cause, ' a movement recognized across the South as celebrating and promoting white supremacy", Landrieu said in a statement. A fourth, the Liberty Place monument, was removed in the dead of night without advance notice last month due to threats of violence. The Davis statue has been the scene of protests by supporters and opponents of the monuments' removal. It honored the Crescent City White League, which battled the racially integrated local government after the Civil War.

Statues of Beauregard, Gen. Robert E. Lee and Confederate President Jefferson Davis are to be removed soon. "I believe we must remember all of our history, but we need not revere it..."

Multiple protesters were arrested and charged with disturbing the peace on Sunday after a fight broke out at an event held to celebrate the removal of the Liberty Place monument.

It is easily the most prominent of the statues: Lee standing, in uniform, arms crossed defiantly, looking toward the northern horizon from atop a roughly 60-foot-tall pedestal. "We're going to move forward with taking the monuments down".

A Civil District Court judge ruled Wednesday that New Orleans officials can proceed with rem... In 2015, the city decide to remove them and in March, a USA appeals court ruled that city had the right to proceed.

Demonstrators who supports keeping Confederate era monuments protest before the Jefferson Davis statue was taken down in New Orleans, Thursday, May 11, 2017. Demonstrators both for and against the removal of Confederate era statues had gathered at the site.

The huge bronze image of Beauregard on horseback sits in the center of a traffic circle at the entrance to New Orleans City Park.

Reese denied the injunction, which would have stopped the removal of the monument until it was determined who owned the monument.

As workers slung a strap around the statue's waist and lifted it off its pedestal, "At least 100 people cheered from across the street, outnumbering the few dozen protesters, some waving Confederate flags", member station WWNO's Laine Kaplan-Levenson reports. Monument supporters say their research shows the statue is not owned by the city, but by the City Park Improvement Association, an agency overseen by the state.

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