Condi Rice: Trump handling North Korean situation 'as well as anybody could'

"And when he said, you know, this job's a lot harder than I thought, I actually kind of felt bad for him, because it is a really hard job, and it's a lonely job, and you want people around you who you trust".

Activists calling for the removal of all Confederate monuments are making a huge mistake, Condoleeza Rice said Monday morning.

Rice's comments come in the wake of a debate over whether New Orleans officials should remove statues of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, Gen. Robert E. Lee and Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard. "And we questioned - or Secretary [Hillary] Clinton questioned the legitimacy of his election in 2012". But I also want to say something about Vladimir Putin and interfering in our elections. "I still think that Pakistan is not the stalwart fighter against particularly the Taliban in that area between Afghanistan and Pakistan", she said.

Rice had a unique point of view on Vladimir Putin's motivations: She feels that his interference in 2016 was revenge on America for his own election being branded as illegitimate.

"I trust the people who voted in Wisconsin and Texas and Alabama and California to have voted on the basis of who they thought was best going to represent their interests", Rice said.

"He is the president of the United States and every American should respect the decision of our democracy", Rice said.

"We have a different kind of president, alright?"

The former secretary of state also criticized Flynn's conversations about sanctions with the Russian ambassador, which took place before President Trump was inaugurated.

However, Rice endorsed Trump's policy of trying to enlist Chinese help against North Korea, which is believed to have conducted five nuclear tests since 2006 and to be developing intercontinental ballistic missiles that could strike the US mainland. She said that technological advancements have enabled him to do it more efficiently, but that it's important to remember Putin has been at this for a while now.

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