From Wednesday, be prepared to pay more for Delhi Metro ride

From Wednesday, be prepared to pay more for Delhi Metro ride

From Wednesday, be prepared to pay more for Delhi Metro ride

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation's (DMRC) upcoming price hike may not have gone down well with the passengers but a steep rise in input costs over the last seven years had squeezed the options for the Mass Urban Rapid Transport system.

Sharma's remarks came after the DMRC hiked its fares by up to 66 per cent, with the maximum fare going up to Rs 50 from the earlier Rs 30.

This arrangement will be in place till September. A hike was last approved in 2009 when the minimum and maximum fares were increased from Rs 6 and Rs 22 to Rs 8 and Rs 30 respectively.

Addressing media in New Delhi, Executive Director of Corporate Communications in DMRC, Anuj Dayal said, the DMRC board has accepted the recommendation of the Fare Fixation Committee (FFC).

As per the Doordarshan News, the new fare slabs are Rs 10, Rs 15, Rs 20, Rs 30, Rs 40 and Rs 50.

The increased fare is applicable from Wednesday as the base fare for upto 2km becomes Rs. 10.

He informed that the fare revision will be implemented in two phases. "Phase-I will be implemented from May 10, while Phase II will be implemented from October 1", said a DMRC spokesperson.

The new fares would be applicable across five corridors - Blue, Yellow, Red, Green and Violet - of the metro that crisscrosses the national capital, with the total network length standing at around 213 km now.

Delhi Metro fares to be hiked from Wednesday.

To avoid overcrowding, the panel suggested a special discount on fare price will be given during non-peak hours.

The new fare structure has another feature: 10 per cent discount on travelling during off-peak hours, that is from 6AM to 8AM, 12PM to 5PM and 9PM onwards.

There will be no change in the fares on the Airport Express Line.

Apart from that, 10 per cent discount would be given to commuters using smart cards during non-peak hours from Monday to Saturday.

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