Clark visits Northern BC for second time on campaign trail

Horgan, campaigning on Vancouver Island Friday where the NDP holds 11 of 14 seats, said undecided and Green voters should support the New Democrats in a strategic move to keep Christy Clark's Liberals from a fifth consecutive election win.

Green Party leader Andrew Weaver made a sudden appearance outside the conference centre after the event, where he told reporters that his party isn't anxious about the New Democrats as their focus is on "inspiring" British Columbians.

Horgan also spent some time attempting to appeal to "disaffected Liberal voters", and signs of red and green appeared in the rally promoting a similar message.

In Vernon, Horgan told a roomful of supporters he wants to meet as many voters as possible in the campaign's final days.

- Clark is defending a little-known tax rebate program meant to attract global business, which TD Bank used to claim a $2.8-million refund that a court says the province must consider after it first rejected the claim over a missed deadline.

Horgan said the Greens and NDP support reforms to the electoral system, reducing greenhouse gases and oppose the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion.

Her government challenged the company's claim for the refund in court because TD filed its paperwork a day late.

"We can do much better than this", he told a crowd of about 100 at candidate Barry Dorval's campaign office.

"There may be jobs happening at the coast but the jobs are not happening in our community", said Dorval.

"It would be outstanding for the island, because finally, we'd be able to ensure that a government listens to the concerns of people on the island", said Weaver.

The NDP said in a statement that residents deserve answers about a program that allows unnamed corporations to receive an unknown amount of taxpayer money with no discernible benefits for B.C.

There's hasn't been a minority government in B.C. since a narrow victory by WAC Bennett's Social Credit Party 65 years ago, before he went on to govern for two decades.

"This is a program that is giving corporate welfare to one of the most profitable banks in the country".

"The other tax measures we are looking at is rolling back the tax cuts that Christy Clark gave to the wealthiest people in B.C.", he said.

"I guess the folks in Finance decided that (TD Bank) met that goal", she said.

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