85-year-old aiming to be oldest Everest climber dies

But five years later, Japanese mountaineer Yuichiro Miura snatched the title of the oldest summiteer from Sherchan as the Japanese senior citizen summitted the peak when he was 80.

KATHMANDU, Nepal (AP) — Nepalese Sherpa workers are fixing the final route to the summit of Mount Everest and the first climb of the season could be days away, an official said.

Nepalese mountain climber Min Bahadur Sherchan, 85, smiles as he finishes his morning yoga workout at his residence in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Sherchan was making an attempt to scale the Mount Everest in a bid to reclaim the honour of being the oldest man to climb the world's tallest peak.

Nepal does not allow climbers under the age of 16 to climb Everest, but has fixed no upper age limit.

The 86-year-old made the record in 2008 when he scaled the world's highest peak in 2008 at 76 years of age.

Gyanendra Shrestha, a mountaineering official at the camp, said the cause of Sherchan's death was likely cardiac arrest, but he could not give further details because of a poor telephone connection.

Min Bahadur Sherchan died of an apparent heart attack at Everest base camp Saturday evening.

His long rivalry with Mr Miura - a year his junior - included a 2013 attempt to reclaim the record aged 81 that had to be abandoned after late spring weather conditions worsened.

Before attempting to regain the title, he told the Associated Press, that on completion he would travel to areas of conflict to spread the message of peace.

The experienced climber - who was assigned as a liaison officer for the Swiss team climbing Mount Dhaulagiri in 1960 - did not have any problems with altitude and the low pressure of oxygen in the mountains.

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