Overwatch: Datamine Shows Possible Upcoming Anniversary Event Hiding on PTR

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Overwatch: Datamine Shows Possible Upcoming Anniversary Event Hiding on PTR

With Overwatch set to celebrate its one-year anniversary on May 24, Blizzard may be preparing a special event to commemorate the occasion.

That could all be changing soon, as Rheinhardt's run as tank numero uno could be lessened somewhat in favour of the newest Panzer on the block, Orisa.Over on the latest Public Test Realm for Overwatch, Blizzard is now testing a change to Rheinhardt's Earthshatter ultimate that nerfs its effects for targets on the ground, its actual height impact and length.

First off, a recent post from Redditor "Julian813" noted that some playlists found on the RU and EU YouTube channels of the game were apparently updated not too long ago, though the new videos added are not available for viewing yet, so it is still unclear what they could be for.

Orisa is also getting tweaked, but the net effect is mostly neutral.

Blizzard released the patch notes for the newest round of testing yesterday, and they reveal that we can expect to see some buffs to Genji, Hanzo, and Reaper, as well as some slight nerfs to Soldier: 76 and Reinhardt. Both brothers originally had the ability to run up walls with a short cool down before attacking. However, if Mercy is able to resurrect herself and her teammates after being killed, it's easy to see how it could completely throw off the balance of the game, as it would essentially make it impossible for players to stop Mercy from using her Ultimate ability. Blizzard says this is a quality-of-life change that will make wall climbing feel better. For instance, it fixes a major bug that made the Tracer walk oddly at the very start of the game's tutorial.

As for Reinhardt, his Ultimate Earthshatter will now have an effective height of 2 meters instead of 3.

"Earthshatter tended to climb unexpectedly high, frequently hitting targets that were significantly above the ground", read the developer comments. However, her barrier will have its cooldown reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. "These changes help the ability stay more grounded". "This change also helps her reposition the barrier more easily when needed". Hanzo is also getting a small DPS buff: the charge speed (draw time) of his arrows has been increased by 10 percent, and charged arrows now maintain their charge after climbing a wall.

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