Ivanka Trump Women Who Work Book Reviews

"She is in a position to do much good or bad harm", Goodall said of Ivanka Trump.

A book written by Ivanka Trump that was released this week is drawing all kinds of backlash - from reviewers and even people she cites in the work as inspirational. Ironically, Curtis actually wrote those words in an op-ed criticizing Sandberg's book "Lean In", pointing out that the only way Sandberg could accomplish all that she suggested - leaving work early, dinner with the kids, balancing super success with super parenting, is by having phenomenal resources and privilege.

It's accompanied by photos of Ivanka trump's sister, Tiffany, and sister-in-law, Lara, with the book. During the race she visited schools, and was so taken aback by the gender disparity in computer science classes that she founded the non-profit "Girls Who Code".

Annalisa Quinn, NPR: "Trump's lack of awareness, plus a habit of skimming from her sources, often results in spectacularly misapplied quotations - like one from Toni Morrison's Beloved about the brutal psychological scars of slavery".

Partisan or not, hanging over the entire project is Ivanka's obliviousness, Tolentino explains in her review. And while Trump has done few interviews since her father's inauguration, she appeared on CBS on Monday and was interviewed for a New York Times article that was published in Tuesday's paper. The couple also has a daughter, Arabella. It would be like reading pablums from another oblivious reality TV celebrity - a Kardashian, for example - whose chief appeal is being fabulous and wealthy.

Most Republicans have no problem with Ivanka Trump's White House role. She is a senior advisor with a still undefined but wide-ranging portfolio, despite having no qualifications in government. Most of all, critics questioned Trump's offering of vague feminist bromides at a time when her father signs legislation to defund family services like Planned Parenthood. "Perhaps she will speak up to her father soon". Ivanka's public persona is one of being measured, level-headed and articulate; and if she is the one that can deliver commonsense advice to the president without fear of job recrimination, then more power to her.

"Taking a traditional week or two off happens much less often, but this routine works well for me".

Still, as Ivanka describes it, having to make this decision plunged her into something of an existential crisis.

"I thought you weren't promoting your book?" one commenter said online. That is: She may not be entirely clear on our human definition of "working". She made a decision to take a hike. "It was celebrating those needs, at a price point she could afford". "She seems unwilling to acknowledge - if this is something that she has even grasped in the first place-that there could, hypothetically, be a difference between what's good for women and what's good for her brand". And, no, she didn't take herself off alone for a weeks-long solo expedition in the wilderness, a la Cheryl Strayed. The initiative evolved 'very organically, ' she writes.

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