Melania Trump liked a tweet about the miserable state of her marriage

First Lady Melania Trump walks of the White House in Washington

First Lady Melania Trump walks of the White House in Washington

Within the hour, this tweet was favorited by the official Melania Trump Twitter account, @MELANIATRUMP, as can be seen in the screenshot above. It is not clear who liked the tweet or if it was done on goal or by accident. Throughout Donald Trump's 102 days occupying the office of the presidency, Melania Trump has been disinclined to embrace her role as First Lady. This message visibly made the First Lady laugh a while.

Concealing her disgust for her husband seems to be the struggle of Melania's life, but could it be that FLOTUS 45 has taken her boldness to the next level?

The weirdest thing about all this is that Melania's personal account has only ever liked one other tweet - her own.

Despite her inactivity on the popular social media app, Melania's personal Twitter account has been verified, and she has more than 866,000 followers. Her last tweet from the personal account came on November 8, 2016.

Ostroy later said he did not believe Trump's account was real.

Think before acting! That's what Melania Trump should do more often.

However, several Twitter users responded, pointing out that the account did in fact belong to Melania. She has since unliked the post.

The First Lady was pictured looking decidedly glum during Donald Trump's inauguration and now she has apparently shown her feelings towards him online.

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