Kansas police officer lauded for saving 4-year-old from pond

Police officer 'in the right place' to rescue drowning autistic boy

Kansas officer rescues drowning boy from pond

Topeka police said in a news release, "Officer Bulmer was in the right place at the right time to save a young life".

Officer Bulmer was commended for his fast reaction and his dedication to protect and serve his community. The officer yelled to the stranger to call 911 as he carried the crying child out of the water.

Bulmer's dramatic rescue of the child was caught on bodycam, when the officer noticed a small child wandering around a park Sunday morning alone.

Bulmer later discovered the boy has autism and apparently had walked to the park from his parents' home about two blocks away.

According to the department, the child's mother was out looking for him and was shortly reunited with him.

The child was taken to the hospital after he was rescued. The boy, who has been diagnosed with autism, was hospitalized for evaluation. The boy was not injured. "That's really been hitting me today - that God put me in that situation", Bulmer reiterated.

Aaron Bulmer was searching for people who were involved in a fight when he spotted the child walking toward the pond in Topeka, Kansas.

Bulmer believes that had he been 30 seconds or a minute later, the unidentified boy would have drowned.

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