Bodies of missing Canadian, American found in Belize: friends

Bodies of missing Canadian, American found in Belize: friends

Bodies of missing Canadian, American found in Belize: friends

The circumstances surrounding the death of Drew Devoursney and his girlfriend Francesca Matus are a mystery Brandon is determined to uncover.

She said no one had seen her son and Marus since last Tuesday.

Matus, a mother of two, was scheduled to fly back to Canada on April 26, but when a friend went to her home in Belize to drive her to the airport, she was nowhere to be found.

Milholen told police in Belize that he could not find Matus at her home and that DeVoursney's bicycle was parked in her driveway, although Matus' auto was gone.

Police found Voursey's motorcycle parked in Matus' driveway but observed that her white Isuzu Rodeo was missing. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the missing couple was found dead Sunday in a remote sugar cane field, along with Francesca's auto.

The Toronto Star reported that the couple was strangled and that their bodies were already "in an advanced state of decomposition".

CBC News reports that Francesca Matus, 52, was last seen with boyfriend Drew DeVoursney, 36, leaving a bar in Corozal Tuesday.

A memorial has formed outside of Francesca Matus' home, as the people who knew her best lay flowers and pay their respects. This is because she had only checked in online but didn't actually show up for her flight - something Milholen said would have been useful to know a few hours earlier. The Canadian consulate are aware of a missing citizen in the area but officials have not named Matus as the missing person. "They are dead", she said via Facebook.

"Their passports were where they left them", DeVoursney's mother, Char DeVoursney, said.

Char says Drew's younger brother, David, has headed to Belize to retrieve his body as funeral details are pending.

DeVoursney was a Marine veteran who enlisted after 9/11.

About four years ago, the six-foot-six inch tall former Marine, DeVoursney "moved to Central America". I will miss our scary driving adventures and her sense of humour, always laughing and happy.

"This is sickening", said DeVoursney from his home in Georgia.

"I've dreaded news of his death, but that was when he was in Iraq and Afghanistan", she said. Though he was attempting to get a dive company started, DeVoursney was having difficulty finding work.

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