Man charged with keeping neighbor in pit is held on $1M bond

FOX19 NOW  Jordan Vilines

FOX19 NOW Jordan Vilines

BLANCHESTER, Ohio (WLWT)A woman was found trapped in a hole inside a shed at a Blanchester home Wednesday, police said. WSB-TV in Atlanta reported that Dunn's house is "on Central Avenue in Blanchester".

"At about 4 a.m., officers were called after neighbors heard cries coming from a shed behind the house", Reinbolt says.

The responding officer found Elliott trapped in a pit measuring about two feet squared and 40 inches deep, WLWT reported.

According to WCPO, the woman, which the station identified as Jennifer Dunn, had reported in October that she was getting harassing phone calls and texts from Dunn, but she did not press charges against him.

Dunn called the police several times saying people were trying to break into his home, the Wilmington News Journal reported.

Dunn couldn't be reached for comment while in custody Wednesday, and it couldn't be determined whether he had an attorney who could comment on the accusations against him.

Police were not sure how long Elliot had been kept in the pit. Dunn was eventually taken to a hospital for psychiatric treatment after he was seen with a pistol in his yard, but he was released 24 hours later and exhibited no change in his behavior, says Blanchester's police chief.

Police said Dunn, who was charged with disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana earlier this month, suffers from mental health issues.

"We were awaiting the arrival of the tactical entry team from Warren County from the sheriff's office and Dunn came to the front door and walked out like he was going for a stroll and we arrested him."

A woman, held captive in a pit in a shed by a neighbour with mental health issues, was rescued by police.

"Blanchester Police have obtained search warrant for Dennis Dunn's home; they are processing the scene inside at this time", wrote Vines. "I am aghast at the threat this situation poses to all of the Jennifer Elliotts of the world". Once discovered, the victim was taken to a hospital and has since been released. Dunn's had been scheduled to appear in May at the Clinton County Municipal Court for his trial on the two earlier misdemeanor charges.

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