Black and White version of "Logan" coming to US theatres

Black and White version of

Black and White version of "Logan" coming to US theatres

It seems like releasing black and white versions of films are now becoming the du jour thing to do, and that's OK if we're totally honest.

After an outstanding theatrical run, Logan is returning to theaters next month for an encore. Mangold's announcement comes a few weeks after he teased that the Logan Blu-ray will come bundled with "a very handsome black and white version of the picture".

Before any official stills were released by the studio, Mangold teased the film with a series of black-and-white images from the set, capturing Hugh Jackman's withered one-time superhero and Boyd Holbrook's villainous Pierce in portraits so stark and gorgeous they nearly had us thinking 20th Century Fox was going to throw out the rule book entirely with this one and release the first black-and-white superhero film.

Meanwhile, Hugh, 48, recently revealed he and director James pushed for "Logan", to be given an R rating so that they could portray the character's dark side free from restrictions.

'All Jim and I were apprehensive about was taking off the seatbelt, taking off any kind of restriction and just diving into this character'.

The 53-year-old-director wrote, "Suggestion".

He said: "It's not R rated because of the violence, although there is R-rated violence in it".

'That rating is about the subject matter, the way the characters are treated as well as the way the violence is depicted.

Logan was released at the start of March and has grossed $604.5 million to date, making it the third biggest earner of the X-Men franchise behind Deadpool ($783.1 million) and X-Men: Days of Future Past ($747.9 million).

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